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Army Republic

Army republic is really moving up to the Top 10! 





wyz9.png <(Lincavader wasn’t my fault)



War is upon us with CPPD. Rory will edit with the time and date and cp server. COmment if you can come or if you can’t come.



Rory’s edit line










Hey guys we should start recruiting! I got more people to join! (5 people). I switched ranks a little. Commander is high rank, so i made it owner. I made myself (on other account Jray29222) A Commander instead of Co-Leader. Gasp if u will comment on this post, It would be great. Anyways continue recruiting for a promotion! :D. After U get to Co-Leader or Commander, next you will have to wait for a leader to quit in order to get that position. If you reset, we will automatically remove you from the position you are in. 

My Uncle and I’s web page

This is created by Ryan and Bill, or classified on xat chat for bill it is Bill, and Jray27222 on Club penguin bill’s Club Penguin account is still under construction he needs to think of a name. This chat will update club penguin trackers. We are continuing to update it.
LCD Text Generator at

We will continue to get it to work. Remember web-page main owners are Ryan and Bill! On xat chat it is classified for Ryan and Bill for Bill! Keep refreshing!

Here is my chat to check it out.
Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!
LCD Text Generator at

Those are what my penguin Jray27222 looks like…I update it every month.. I didn’t have a chance to yet.


Test for embed codes.

I am creating a CP army today. We will have allies. We will not be sun fighters.

href=”; target=”_blank”>Photobucket

our chat is . Another chat we LIKE is .

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